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Santa Suits and Christmas Costumes

Santa Suits are one of the icons of Christmas time. No mall is complete without a Santa to tell your Christmas wishes to. No Christmas party is complete without a Santa to bring out the Christmas bonuses. Dress up this year in a Santa Suit and bring joy to children and adults everywhere this holiday season.

Christmas Costumes
Get into the spirit with traditional Christmas attire.

Christmas Decorations

Crafts for Christmas
Get crafty this Christmas!

Here are some great wrapping tips that will keep the mystery of your gift until it is unwrapped.

Create A Festive Front Door
Your Christmas decorating efforts should start at the entranceway to your house.

Christmas Shopping

Buy Christmas Cards
Make things easy on yourself this year by ordering Christmas Cards online. Tons of Christmas card styles to choose from. Order today.

Great Gifts for Secret Santa
Here are some ideas for great inexpensive gifts that are perfect for friends and co-workers.

Wrap Up a One-of-a-Kind Holiday Gift This Season
See how personalized gifts increase the "wow" factor we all hope for.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List
8 months to 80 years - see how one stop will give you holiday gift ideas for all ages.

Sierra Mountain Candle Company
Warm your home and your heart with candles from the Sierra Mountains of Nevada.

These candles and more can be found at

Christmas Gift Baskets & Christmas Gifts
Looking for something unique isn't as hard as you would think this Christmas. Choose from hundreds of designs or design your own!

Christmas Shopping 101
Order everything imaginable this Christmas and do it online today!

Christmas Shopping

Great Christmas Party Ideas
Shop Christmas decors, scenes, favors and much more to have a blow out Christmas party!

Everyone is going to a Christmas Party this Holiday season. Whether it’s a tacky sweater party or just a corporate function, you are going to need Christmas decorations. has all of your needs for both of these functions. Dress up in an elf costume or reindeer antlers for a fun social gathering. Deck the halls with holly, Christmas tableware, snowflakes, and Christmas stockings.

Give the Gift of Music this holiday from Jon Michaels
Jon Michaels "Christmas Song" is a magical addition to your Holiday favorites.
Listen to a sample below today and give as a gift!

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Holiday Party Tips
Learn how to maximize the fun while minimizing the stress. For fabulous Party Ideas, be sure to check out all that we have to offer.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions
We are not alone in the world and the holidays are best spent together

Family Fun Pages
Realize the true meaning of Christmas, and spend quality time together as a family.

True Meaning of Christmas
A Personal Essay of what Christmas is really about. Stories to warm the heart and family can be read in our Traditions section. Enjoy!

Changing Your Christmas Tradition
What kind of gift do they want? How much am I expected to spend? How will I be able to afford all this?

Christmas Information

Holiday Traveling with Children
Planning means the difference between a joy to remember and a "head-against-the-steering-wheel" experience.

Tree Trimming Ideas
For the holidays compliments of Johann Erickson, Online Discount Mart.

Why We Have Christmas Trees
The Euro-Pagan Influence on Christmas

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Holiday History

Christmas is an holiday celebrated every year on December 25. It honors the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

Customs of modern day include giving gifts, church celebrations, and many types of holiday decorations.   This includes a tree, various colorful lights, mistletoe, garlands, nativity scenes and holly. Father Christmas / Santa Claus is a popular mythological figure often associated with bringing gifts.

The holiday is celebrated throughout the population of Christians throughout the world. Many non-Christians around the world also celebrate the holiday.  Many claim that it is an excuse to bring families together. The holiday has become beneficial to the economy due to the tremendous gift-giving and several other aspects of the holiday.
More Information on Christmas History Traditions

Santa Claus

There are a lot of different names that people use for this legendary figure. Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or simply "Santa".

The legendary figure who brings gifts to good children during the evening of Christmas Eve.  This is on December 24.

Saint Nicholas was originally portrayed wearing bishop's robes.

In modern day, Santa Claus is normally portrayed as a jolly and plumb man with a white beard.  He wears a red coat with white collar and cuffs with matching red trousers and black leather belt and boots.

The image of Santa became popular in the United States because of the caricaturist Thomas Nast. This portrayal and image has been maintained throughout most representations including songs, radio, television, and films. He is known in the United Kingdom and Europe as Father Christmas.

One popular legend that is associated with Santa says that he lives in the far north or "North Pole". Other versions is that he resides in Lapland, Finland.  He is married to Mrs. Claus and lives with her. He makes a special list each year of children categorizing them as "naughty" or "nice". He delivers presents to all of the good boys and girls but delivers coal to naughty children. He does all of this in one night with the help of elves.  The elves are also his toy makers.  He delivers the toys on a sleigh with eight or nine reindeer.
More Information on The History Of Santa Claus

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