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Great Gifts for Secret Santa

By Chris Kullstroem

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Having a secret Santa gift exchange at work or school is always fun, but sometimes it can be difficult picking something out when the price limit is between $10-15. Here are some ideas for great inexpensive gifts that are perfect for friends and co-workers.

1. A basket of goodies. Use a basket or even a box that you have at home to cut down on that expense, and fill it with your favorite types of tea or Christmas tea, biscotti, cookies, and/or Christmas candy. Use brands and flavors that you think your gift recipient may not have had before so they’ll have a whole assortment of seasonal goodies to try.

2. A basket of winter essentials. Fill a holiday bag with a pair of winter gloves or mittens, a scarf and hat. Choose colors and/or patterns that you think your gift recipient will like, based on the style you often see them wearing. If you have a few extra dollars remaining of your Secret Santa budget, throw in a box of cocoa mix.

3. A Christmas ornament. Buy a Christmas ornament or two that you think your gift
recipient is sure to love. Do they like cats, wolves, or angels? Pick out ornaments based on their favorite knick-knacks or posters that they have up at work or school.

4. Outdoors Basket. Is your gift recipient a hiker or skier? Put together a box or basket of granola bars and energy bars of all different varieties for them to take on their hiking and skiing adventures.

5. The artist's basket. Is your gift recipient an artist or crafter? Put together an assortment of sketch pads, pencils, markers, or craft supplies. You can put them together in a small craft supply box.