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Highly scented candles straight from the Sierra Mountains

Take a moment to read all about Sierra Mountain Candle Company. We are a candle company which makes highly-scented candles in the Reno-Sparks area of Nevada, and have been in business for two years.

We have taken a great amount of time learning to create the perfect candle, by combining the correct wax, wicks and scents together.  Only the highest-quality waxes are used, as well as Grade AAA quality oils, to produce a highly-scented candle.  These candles will "throw" a high scent of fragrance throughout your home, and will not emit "black smoke."  The candle wax will also melt completely to the edge of the jars, to create a melt pool of liquid; the wax will not stick to the sides of the jar, nor will it "tunnel" down the center of the wick. 

We also make "wickless" candles which are specifically made to be placed on a candle warmer.  These jars are shorter and rounder in style, which allows the wax to melt quicker.    Simply place the candle warmer on a heat-resistant surface, place the candle on the candle warmer, and as the wax melts, you will quickly notice a strong aromatic scent.  These candles are scented even stronger than our wicked candles because they can be left on the warmer for a long period of time. You don't even have to worry about "blowing out the candle."

Our candles are made on an "order" basis, which means that we will only make it when it is ordered.  Therefore, the candle will not be ready to be delivered until 48 hours after the order is placed.  This will guarantee you a freshly-scented candle each and every time you place an order. 

We have an extensive list of scents.  These includes scents from fruits and berries, to spices, bakery and  florals, and holiday scents, and all will burn true to smell.  Due to the wax combination of our candles, they will burn slow and last a long time.  The wicks used are completely lead-free. 

Our Customer Service Guarantee:  We are so confident that you will enjoy our candles that we are placing a 100% guarantee on them.  If you are not completely satisfied with your candle in the way that it burns, we will offer you another candle of your choice free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you on!

Candle Burning Tips:
It is very important that the wick be trimmed to ¼" prior to each time the candle is lit.

Some fragrances are stronger by nature than others. A smaller room will contain fragrance vapor in higher concentration, creating a stronger impression.

Fragrance vapor is carried in the air, and factors such as humidity, air conditioning, a fan, an open window, etc., may affect how it carries.

The larger the melt pool, the more fragrance may evaporate into the air.

Larger flames will burn more of the fragrance vapor before it can release into the air. Keep your wicks trimmed!

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