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10 Great Things to Do with Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments can be found in all shapes, colors, sizes and styles, so with this much variety; why limit yourself to only hanging them on a Christmas tree?? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use them on trees—on the contrary—they should be used on trees and just about everywhere else for that matter! Tis’ the season after all!

Here Are My 10 Favorite Things to Do with Christmas Ornaments

  1. Use them as place settings for your holiday parties. You can order personalized Christmas ornaments or plain glass ornaments that you personalize yourself with a sparkly paint pen and the name of each guest. Place them on each plate as a way to add color and glamour to any party as well as serve the purpose of seating guests accordingly.
  2. Adorn your holiday gifts with them. For instance, use children’s Christmas ornaments with matching gift wrap for fun and bright Christmas presents that they’ll be excited to open. Make each holiday gift unique; religious ornaments can add a lot of meaning for some while large Christmas ornaments will be a nice compliment to a large package. Choosing your Christmas ornaments according to the person you are giving the gift to will be fun and make them feel special.
  3. Christmas tree ornaments make a wonderful and inexpensive Christmas gift idea for friends and acquaintances. Choose religious ornaments and Christian Christmas ornaments as gifts for your church group or choir.
  4. Create gorgeous centerpieces using Christmas ornaments. You can create a centerpiece that really adds interest to your dinner table and enhances the mood of the season by using anything from glass ornaments to children’s ornaments depending on the look you want. Fill up a large glass bowl with traditional glass balls for an elegant and timeless look.
  5. Hang large Christmas ornaments from the ceiling using ribbon in festive colors. Hang them at different levels in the window or decorate a child’s bedroom using ornaments that they choose online themselves as a treat.
  6. Order personalized Christmas ornaments before the season even starts and mail them to friends instead of a greeting card. Many ornaments are so light that they will use little more postage than a Christmas card and make a far greater impact on the people lucky enough to receive them. Make sure you send them out in time for them to display and enjoy for Christmas.
  7. String nativity Christmas ornaments along the fireplace mantel for a unique and modern spin on an old favorite.
  8. Fill a cookie tin with unique ornaments and give them as a hostess gift at any party that you attend. Imagine her delightful surprise when she opens her tin expecting more sugar cookies and instead finds beautiful ornaments that she can use and enjoy for years to come!
  9. Hang a Christmas ornament in your loved ones cars! By hanging a small ornament from the rearview mirror when they’re not looking, not only are you giving them a shiny and unexpected surprise in an unlikely place,  but you’re reminding them of this wonderful season when they’re away from home. This will surely make crowded mall parking or snow covered commutes feel a lot cozier.
  10. Choose a theme and select Christmas tree decorations and all other ornaments that fit the theme. Use Christmas ornaments on the presents under the tree, in decorative bowls and even hanging from garland to create an elegant look throughout your home.


About the Author: Angela Lytle is the publisher of Christmas decorations online,, and provided this article with the aid of a writer.



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