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Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Get creative with your gifts and see why Christmas Ornaments aren't just for the tree anymore

By Lynne Hayes

Every year is filled with special moments. The birth of a child. New friendships. Proud achievements. First homes. The holidays are a traditional time to enjoy reliving them with family and friends.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments are a wonderful way to celebrate a special moment - not just this year, but for many Holidays to come. Engrave a date, a name, and maybe a heartfelt thought. And suddenly, it's much more than an ornament - it's a memory. As the personalized gift experts, Things Remembered is happy to share some of our more thoughtful holiday engraving messages. When you give a Christmas ornament, think beyond the tree. Not every ornament has to be destined for a tree branch - there are lots of other great ways to give and display them.

At Things Remembered, we're always looking for new ways for you to show off the engraved ornaments our customers cherish. Here are just a few of the ideas we like:

Tag it... try tying an engraved ornament to a pretty bow as a gift tag. Or clip one to the new personalized handbag you're planning to give Mom. Christmas ornaments also look great tied to wreaths, or hung from evergreen roping for a stairway.

Display it... feeling extra creative? Pick out a few of our frame ornaments, and fill them with favorite photos, and engrave each one with a cute "title". Next, attach them to a strip of wide ribbon, all in vertical row. Add a decorative metal hanger, and you've created a gift that's perfect for a new mom (baby photos), newlyweds (wedding photos), or your oldest, best friend (first grade, girl scouts, prom).

Collect it... many of the holiday ornaments, like our Make-A-Wish(R) Collection, are dated, so why not make it a tradition to give an engraved Make-A-Wish(r) ornament to a friend? You'll not only be adding to her collection, you'll also be contributing to an organization that helps make dreams come true for seriously ill children.

Small yet so meaningful - that's why at Things Remembered we love personalized ornaments. Of all the ornaments you can give, the ones with a special engraving from you often becomes someone's favorite - and the first out of the box each year. Whether you add a simple name and date, or a few special words to mark the moment, personalization adds a deeper meaning to your gift. And, at Things Remembered it's so easy to do, even while you shop.

A personalized Christmas Ornament is a great way to keep a favorite memory fresh - and keep it alive for generations to come. You can't give a gift more special than that. Starting to see personalized ornaments in a new light? That's just what we hoped for! Our Things Remembered designers love holiday time, and really enjoy creating and choosing the ornaments we bring to you each Christmas. With our wide variety, special themed pieces, rich finishes, and clever decorating ideas, you've got all kinds of reasons to make holiday ornaments an even bigger part of your Christmas fun.

Shop for Christmas ornaments at Things Remembered and let your creativity shine through with each ornament gift you wrap.

Happy Holidays!!!