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Christmas Traditions

For all you need to know about Christmas and the many traditions that take place, look no further. We have complied resources and articles for you and your family to enjoy. Please use the Quick Reference below to better sort out the resources we have available.

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History of Santa Claus
Christmas Traditions
Christmas Around the World
Significance of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas
The Euro-Pagan Influence on Christmas

Christmas Costumes
Get into the spirit with traditional Christmas attire

outdoor decorations

Why We Have Christmas Trees
The Euro-Pagan Influence on Christmas

Santa 101
For everything you need to know about Mr. Clause

Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah
Three celebrations, one season - So how do they relate?

Why Dec. 25?
Was Jesus really born on Dec. 25 in the year 1 A.D.? Probably not

Where Santa Comes From, Part 1
The Saint Behind the Legend - From Asia Minor to a Major Holiday Figure

Where Santa Comes From, Part 2
The All-American Santa - How Santa became a rotund bearded man dressed in a red suit

Christmas Toys
Check out the suggested Toys for Boys and Girls of all ages. We also advise checking out our Top Ten Lists to make this Holiday a shopping breeze.

Give the Gift of Music this holiday from Jon Michaels
Jon Michaels "Christmas Song" is a magical addition to your Holiday favorites.
Listen to a sample below today and give as a gift!

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Running of the Santas
Dress up as Santa for a truly "tipsy" time! The bar owners and the city of Philadelphia have helped to make the Running of the Santas a success for over eight years. This event expects over 1,000 Running Santas this year in Philadelphia! For more info, be sure to visits the official website here.


History of Santa Claus

"St. Nicholas, An Example for Advent" by The Passionist Missionaries
"St. Nicholas of Myra" by the French Ministry of Culture.
"History of Santa" by The North


Christmas Traditions

Adult Christmas Stories & Kids Christmas Stories Well-loved Christmas stories, including New Testament to read ON-LINE

Christmas Sermons Christmas sermons from Pastors around the country

Christmas Around The World

We are not alone in the world and the holidays are best spent together.

Around the World Christmas customs in every country.
Holiday Traditions Explore traditions in various countries around the world.
Christmas in Finland The earliest account of a Christmas tree in a Finnish home is from the year 1829, when a Helsinki nobleman, Baron Klinckowström, had eight of them indoors.
Island Christmas Christmas recipes, stories, and shopping, from Prince Edward Island.
Christmas in Great Britain
Christmas in Hawaii O Da Kine Christmas Tree.
Feliz Navidad
Christmas in New York City The hustle and bustle of the shopper-filled streets, the elaborate decorations in store windows and, of course, the giant tree at Rockefeller Center.
Christmas in Poland Christmas superstitions, feasts, and carols.


Significance of Christmas

Search for the Meaning of Christmas Renewing the Joy that is associated with the birth of Christ each year.
Christmas Lore  A look at the historical and popular roots of Christmas.