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True meaning of Christmas

You’re all set for Christmas. The stockings are up, the Christmas tree is decorated, and everyone has a present under the tree. You’ve picked out Christmas candy, the ham is in the freezer, and you’re ready for the big day.

As you head up stairs to bed on Christmas Eve Mom asks you, “Did you leave the milk and cookies out for Santa?” And yes, even that’s taken care of. But are you missing something? What does Christmas really mean? Is it all about getting presents and eating candy canes and waiting up for Santa Claus?

The word “Christmas” gives us some hints about what Christmas was originally about. It started off with the birth of Jesus Christ, over two thousand years ago in the country of Israel.

Jesus’ birth is very important to Christians around the world who believe that Jesus is the Son of God. They celebrate Christmas like a big birthday party. That’s why they give gifts to each other, because Jesus was born on that day.

When I was a little girl we had a tradition in my house of making a Jesus birthday cake. My family is Christian and my mom would bake a cake and write “Happy Birthday Jesus” across it in frosting.

But families celebrate Christmas in all sorts of ways. Some families put up lots of lights all over their houses, and decorations to celebrate the holiday. Maybe your family buys you lots of presents and puts them under the Christmas tree, or maybe you go to a church service. Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas at all.

The most important thing to remember when you’re thinking about Christmas is that it’s not just about presents or Santa Claus or singing carols. Christmas marks a very important historic event. You can read the actual Christmas story in Matthew or Luke in the Bible, and maybe this Christmas you can think about the holiday in a slightly new way.